Expert Medical Consulting

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We offer a range of expert medical consulting services to assist clients in navigating the complex intersection of medicine and law.


Areas of Expertise

-Spinal cord injury medicine
-Traumatic brain injury (TBI)
-Neuromuscular diseases
-Pain management


Case Review and Analysis

Dr. Ciammaichella provides comprehensive case reviews, analyzing medical records and offering expert opinions on causation, standard of care, and prognosis.


Medical Consultations

Dr. Ciammaichella consults with attorneys on the medical aspects of their cases, strategizing and preparing for litigation.


Expert Witness Testimony

Dr. Ciammaichella delivers clear and concise testimony in court, explaining complex medical issues to judges and juries.


Medical Record Review

Dr. Ciammaichella conducts thorough medical record reviews, analyzing and interpreting complex medical information to support legal cases. With attention to detail and a comprehensive understanding of medical terminology, Dr. Ciammaichella provides objective and reliable medical evidence to strengthen legal arguments.

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